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What is the shipping address for TPMD?

Our Shipping Address:

FBO Ima Sample
TPMD Account #00001
959 State Hwy 95 N
Shiner, TX 77984

If you are self-shipping your metal to TPMD, please include written documentation with your name, TPMD account number, and an itemized list of your metal deposit. All inbound packages are opened under camera.

NOTE: Please do not include our full business name or the words “Precious Metals” anywhere on the outside of packages being sent to TPMD.

Discounted Shipping/Insurance Available

TPMD offers door-to-door pickup via UPS with a fully-insured prepaid shipping label. Clients using this service are charged only the cost of the label at TPMD’s discounted UPS rates. If you would like us to arrange shipping for you, please contact our team.

Where can I find my TPMD account number?

Where can I find my TPMD account number?

Your TPMD Account Number, which is sometimes referred to on our forms as the “Owner ID” can be found in the following locations:

    • Referred to as Owner ID on Deposit Confirmation emails
    • Referred to as Owner ID on Withdrawal Confirmation emails
    • Referred to as Owner ID on Monthly invoices
    • In the “Holdings” section of your online account (see image below)

For IRA Storage Clients

For IRA storage accounts, please note that we use your IRA account number as your storage account number. If your metals are in an IRA, you will not have direct access to our client portal. Please contact your IRA custodian for your account holding details.

More Questions?

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